Craft Beer is a beverage that is made by small, independent breweries. It is made from ingredients such as barley, hops, and yeast. It is produced with more attention to quality and creativity than traditional mass-produced beers.

The popularity of Craft Beer has spread around the world. This is mainly because of the exceptional taste, the high quality of the ingredients used, and the impact on the local community.

Moreover, there is an increase in the number of breweries all over the world. This is because people are still craving for an alcoholic drink that is made the old-fashioned way.

History of Craft Beer

The brewing industry in the US has an incredible history. The first recorded brewery was established in New Amsterdam in 1612. There are over 8,000 breweries in the United States today, which is more than in any other market worldwide.

Today’s breweries are rooted in the European brewing traditions that came to America after Prohibition in 1920, but it wasn’t until Fritz Maytag bought Anchor Brewing Company in the 1960s that the craft beer revolution took place.

For a while, the industry was dominated by large alcohol conglomerates like Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors, which specialized in mass-produced beers that were flat, bland, and easy to produce. The market was overcrowded, and breweries were trying to make as much money as possible without giving any thought to quality.